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Actor Headshots

Capturing an individual's personality in a photograph is a finesse / skill which takes many years to perfect and master. Attention to detail, artistic intuition, creating a relaxed atmosphere and the highest technical standards all go into the art of capturing someone's unique personality.


My photography sessions always begin with an informal chat. It's an important part of the process to put the client at ease and construct a safe and comfortable environment. Before commencing with the shoot I help the client pick out appropriate clothes and, if necessary, add some subtle make-up.
During the shoot I will take a variety of shots, using the different backgrounds and working with studio lamps and day light. The session will end with a short walk across to my favourite locations in Hampstead Heath area for a series of outdoor shots.
The session will be wrapped up by once again sitting down with the client, this time to view and discuss the images. The value of the client's feedback and opinions cannot be underestimated in choosing the right shots. This interaction also helps ensure that the client leaves the session 100% satisfied with the outcome.
The headshots which are subsequently choosen will be digitally retouched, saved in colour and black & white, and resized to the industry standard of 8x10”. The final images will be supplied to the client in both high and low resolutions files, perfectly suited for print and web purposes. 
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